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Approved names


(*) Note: These names are modified based on the original proposals, to be consistent with the IAU rules.

Note 1: The original name proposed, "Veritas", is that of an asteroid important for the study of the solar system.

Note 2: The name originally proposed, Amaterasu, is already used for an asteroid.

Note 3: Note the typographical difference between "AEgir" and "Aegir", the Norwegian transliteration. The same name, with the spelling "Aegir", has been attributed to one of Saturn's satellites, discovered in 2004.

Note 4: "Ogmios" is a name already attributed to an asteroid.

Note 5: The original proposed name "Leda" is already attributed to an asteroid and to one of Jupiter's satellites. The name "Althaea" is also attributed to an asteroid.

Note 6: The original spelling of "Lippershey" was corrected to "Lipperhey" on 15.01.2016. The commonly seen  spelling "Lippershey" (with an "s") results in fact from a typographical error dating back from 1831, thus should be avoided.

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