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Approved Names


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You can find more information on the Planetary System here.


IAU National Outreach Coordinator (NOC)

Paul Baki

Contact e-mail:

NameExoWorlds National Committee Chair

Calvince Juma

Contact e-mail:

Name ExoWorlds National Committee

Paul Baki (NOC, Technical University of Kenya)

Calvince Juma (Technical University of Kenya)
Geoffrey Okengo (University of Nairobi)
Naftali Kimani (Kenyatta University)
John Buers Awuor (University of Nairobi)
Susan Murabana (Director of traveling telescope, Kenya)
Martin Mutie (Chuka University, Technical University of Kenya)
Leah Okumu (Technical University of Kenya)
Ann Njeri (University of Manchester)
Vivian Otieno (University of Leeds)
Moses Langa (Technical University of Kenya, University of Nairobi)

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