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You can find more information on the Planetary System here.


IAU National Outreach Coordinator (NOC)

Doh Koffi ADDOR

Contact e-mail:


NameExoWorlds National Committee

Chair: Doh Koffi ADDOR (NOC, Geological Science for Sustainable Development NGO)
Yawoa Dzidzo DA COSTA (Lomé University)

Kafui KPEGBA (Vice-President of Lomé University)
Akossiwa ZINSOU-KLASSOU (Lomé University)
Ahlonko Octave BRUCE (Journalist)

Amivi Kafui TETE-BENISSAN (Lomé University)
Ayi Djifa HOUNSI (Lomé University)
Kodjo Essonana MAGNANI (Lomé university)

Akouvi AGBEKO (Geological Science for Sustainable Development NGO)
Kontoa Koussouwa GBABA (Geological Science for Sustainable Development)
Kodjo MOTHE (Development of Biodiversity Techniques NGO)
Essenam ABALO (Geological Science for Sustainable Development)
Yannick AMEDOME-MIN DIANEY (Lomé University)
Sadiyatou ATCHA-OUPIAN (Geological Science for Sustainable Development NGO)
ABALOKOKA Dizami (Secondary school teacher)

Damitonou NANOINI (Kara University)
Hoavo HOVA (Kara University)


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