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Trinidad and Tobago

Approved Names


Details National Campaign


You can find more information on the Planetary System here.



IAU National Outreach Coordinator (NOC)

Shirin Haque

Contact e-mail:



Name ExoWorlds National Committee

Chair: Shirin Haque (University of the West Indies)
Brandon Rajkumar (University of the West Indies)
Ariel Chitan (University of the West Indies)
Sean Farfan (Trinidad and Tobago Astronomical Society)
Kriscia Ramkissoon (Trinidad and Tobago Astronomical Society)
Renee Lopez (Trinidad Radio Astronomy Community)
Isa Mohammed (Caribbean Institute of Astronomy)
Siddiiqa Seunath (UWI StarGazers)

Anushka Mohan (Trinidad and Tobago Astro Club)

Kadijha Watche (National Institute of Higher Education Research Science and Technology)


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