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List of ExoWorlds 2022


The following are the list of host stars/exoplanets involved in the 2022 edition:

Star GJ 486 & Exoplanet GJ 486b  [in constellation Virgo]


Star: GJ 486
RA: 12h47m55.57s
Dec: 9d44m57.91s
Constellation: Virgo
Spectral Type: M3.5V
Surface Temperature: 3340 K
Distance: 26 ly
Mass: 0.32 M☉
Radius: 0.33 R☉

Planet: GJ 486b
Discovery Method: Radial Velocity, Transit
Orbital Radius: 0.017 AU
Orbital Period: 1.5 days
Mass: 2.8 M🜨
Radius: 1.3 R🜨
Density: 7 g/cm³
Surface Temperature: 700 K
NASA ExEP link:

Star GJ 1214 & Exoplanet GJ 1214b [in constellation Ophiuchus]

Star GJ 3470 & Exoplanet GJ 3470b [in constellation Cancer]

Star GJ 367 & Exoplanet GJ 367b [in constellation Vela]

Star GJ 436 & Exoplanet GJ 436b [in constellation Leo]

Star HAT-P-12 & Exoplanet HAT-P-12b [in constellation Canes Venatici]

Star HAT-P-26 & Exoplanet HAT-P-26b [in constellation Virgo]

Star HATS-72 & Exoplanet HATS-72b [in constellation Aquarius]

Star HD 95086 & Exoplanet HD 95086b [in constellation Carina]

Star HIP 65426 & Exoplanet HIP 65426b [in constellation Centaurus]

Star LHS 3844 & Exoplanet LHS 3844b [in constellation Indus]

Star LTT 9779 & Exoplanet LTT 9779b [in constellation Sculptor]

Star L 168-9 & Exoplanet L 168-9b [in constellation Tucana]

Star WASP-121 & Exoplanet WASP-121b [in constellation Puppis]

Star WASP-166 & Exoplanet WASP-166b [in constellation Hydra]

Star WASP-19 & Exoplanet WASP-19b [in constellation Vela]

Star WASP-43 & Exoplanet WASP-43b [in constellation Sextans]

Star WASP-63 & Exoplanet WASP-63b [in constellation Columba]

Star WASP-69 & Exoplanet WASP-69b [in constellation Aquarius]

Star WD 0806-661 & Exoplanet WD 0806-661 B [in constellation Volans]

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